Shanghai Optics Custom Lens Design

After 54 years years of working in lens design, Shanghai Lens gives you a world of choices in what kind of lens you would prefer. Shanghai Optics is dedicated to designing and manufacturing top of the line precision optics,and lens systems. With top notch engineers working on these lenses, you are getting the best quality you could think of. Their core engineering team includes 4 of the best research designers, 12 engineers, and more than 110 processing operators making sure the design you chose gets finished quickly, and correctly. They have choices that range from Zoom lens, to night vision lens. If you don't see anything on there that suits your needs, don't worry, they will custom make your lens for you! It is so simple to get done, all you do is click "build your own lens" and put all of your information and preferences in and they take care of the rest!

Shanghai is always looking to grow and improve. They want to provide their customers with the best possible product and phenomenal customer service which is why they have a rejection ratio of less than 1% for all their products for the last 15 years! Shanghai Optics makes sure to meet all of the customers requirements, and specifications from the moment they obtain the raw materials. They monitor all of their orders from the inspection of purchased materials, and all through out the entire production process. All purchases are made based on the customers original prints, and Shanghai has made sure you can trace the raw materials from which any of their optical components were manufactured. When you order from Shanghai, you are getting the best quality all around.

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